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What People Have Said...

I was blown away!! Liz tuned into things about my pug that she had no way of knowing about. My pug has myelopathy and I purposely did not tell this to Liz or show her any pictures of him in his wheelie cart to see what she would say (I was concerned I was doing an injustice and he might be in pain). She told me Pugster expressed that he was “embarrassed” about getting older and needing more specialized care and didn’t want to be a burden on me, although he was beyond grateful at how well I took care of him. Liz went into a few other details that only I would be familiar with and I am BEYOND AMAZED at her talent and compassion and gentleness with my sweet boy.

--- Susan R., New York

I was happy to know that our passed on dog communicates with Buddy. I'm extremely fascinated by how spot on some of the things you pick up on are. I am able to approach my dog differently, and understand him at a deeper level than before. It help to make a stronger bond as well, because I can finally "hear" what he has to say. Your readings are always heart warming. 

--- Nicole M., Colorado

I didn't have any hesitation about working with you, but I was surprised, to be honest, that you picked up on things I never mentioned. I got confirmation on some issues I was concerned about, and it was easy to trust you because I know you love Abbey and she felt safe with you. Your compassion and love for our fur babies is important to me. I'm sorry we waited so long to do this!

--- Debi S., New York

 I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how good Scooter was on the trip and how much fun he had. A perfect gentleman the whole trip. Thank you so very much for your help.

--- Judy M., Kentucky

I run Everything Animals humane education program and I brought my cockatiel Can-Do to see Liz for a communication and reiki session. Liz got into position on the couch, and the bird crawled up on her lap, which she has never even done for me! Can-Do was so relaxed and calm the entire hour long session, and even fell asleep, just soaking in the reiki energy. Afterwards she got down on the floor and strutted around like she felt better! She came to me with  a birth defect and deformity, after she was rejected by her mother. Can-Do was so named because in spite of everything, she finds a way to do it!  

--- Jan B., New York

I was concerned about my dog Bella, who has some issues with her teeth and her back leg. You addressed that in your reading, as well as some of her behaviors. I would recommend Liz because she was 100% honest and accurate, as well as calm to work with. Now I can relay information she got when I see the vet next time.  

--- Tammy H., Wisconsin

I wanted to know what's going on emotionally with my dog Lily. Lily came from a horrible abuse situation where she was extremely traumatized. Liz was so insightful and very calm to talk to. She gave me ideas about what to tell the vet at our next visit with Lily. Liz was so prompt with the reading and her accuracy always amazes me. She is like the new version of Dr Doolittle, the real deal! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone with animals!

-- Pandora G., Missouri

I wanted to get my cat's perspective and you were able to give me that. Your accuracy is amazing, and I love your open, honest approach. My mom passed away a few months ago, and I was amazed at how it has affected Roadie with how he has been feeling. Liz even said that he gets tears in his eyes, which he did when Mom passed. He always naps on her bed. He’s so used to having Mom around. More people need your gift. It made a difference to me, and I know there’s a whole world out there who could benefit. 

-- Allyson D., Florida

I wanted to have Liz read my dog Karma because she has been isolating herself a lot and also seems to be in some pain. I also appreciate learning that her isolation isn't a personal problem with me. Liz is so genuine, honest, and great at what she does. Liz has helped me twice in the past find my lost dogs.  Her guidance is invaluable to me in so many ways.

--- Akaysha A., California

I have had Liz read my cat Tia before. I found her insightful and helpful. Her ability to communicate and knows things with Tia is just amazing! Things I hadn't mentioned, and also issues the vet told me about, Liz was somehow aware of! Just amazing!

--- Suellen C., Australia

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