I am based in the beautiful Hudson Valley area of New York. I was born into a family of animal lovers, and always had dogs, cats, and other critters around, both indoors and out. I developed an early love for horses, and always dreamed of having one of my own – a dream that came true when I was in my 40’s. My mother used to call me Dr. Doolittle when I was a child and even into adulthood, because of how I gravitated to animals. I have studied with pioneer animal communicator Penelope Smith, Joanna Seere, Tammy Billups, Dr Cara Gubbins, Karen Anderson, Angie Webster, and others.

I worked as a photographer for about 20 years, and as a radio personality for over 25 years, where I was and still am known by some as "Liz Foxx". While I was in radio, I started to feel the call back to reclaiming my psychic abilities. I also studied various healing modalities "on the side", not sure what I should really do with all of my training. 


In 2003 I studied equine massage therapy, and also studied with a natural horsemanship trainer. I have experienced equine facilitated therapy to help heal some of my own PTSD and I understand how animals, especially horses, can mirror us and our emotions and physical reactions. It is truly amazing to see and feel it "click" and ultimately heal.  I went to work as a horse caregiver for three years. In 2007, I moved to Virginia and became a dog groomer for about a year or so. I think I enjoyed spending time with the dogs more than the actual grooming part.

I have been a Usui Reiki practitioner since 1998, at Master level since 2003, and was also attuned to Magnified Healing in 1999, and Levels 1 and 2 of Multidimensional Healing in 2011. I am an intuitive and an empath; able to feel or sense many of the emotions and symptoms an animal may experience. My practical experience working with dogs and horses has been enhanced by my psychic abilities. I have decided to make helping animals my life’s mission. I believe the greatest gift is being able to be of service to animals and those who love them.

"A hundred years from now, it will not matter the sort of house I lived in, what my bank account was, or the car I drove….but the world may be different because I was important in the life of the animals and the creatures on this earth.”
    ~ Author Unknown ~


“Remember who you are.”
   ~ The Lion King ~


"Healing is the application of love to all the places that hurt."
~ Dr. Cara Gubbins