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In Memory...

Dodge was a sweet Golden Retriever I got to work with in 2019. He was near the end of his days when his human Nicole contacted me to talk to him. He was so soulful and wise, and it was a really special session. I talked with him about what to expect at the vet, and he said he was ready. His life with his family started when they found him in a car dealership lot. When Nicole told me he had passed on to spirit, I cried over him. He really touched me greatly. 

Cash and Jeanine.jpg

This is one of my favorite pictures of my friend Jeanine and her boy Cash. Cash was a horse I worked on for almost two years while he was fighting cancer. He was a very special horse and lived to be in his later mid-20s. He carried his person with pride and deep love, always keeping her safe on their rides. He knew it was his job to take care of Jeanine when they were together. Great horse  to handle as well when I did energy work, but he was very opinionated! He was a character. I was there on his last day to help with his transition. I helped him feel comfortable with what was happening and I sent him reiki while he was passing away. The barn workers said they never saw a horse pass so peacefully. It was quite an experience. 

Tabby cropped.jpg

This cat was my own cat Tabitha, otherwise known as Tabby. She had quite the life...she had two owners and two stints in the shelter before I adopted her and she was barely a year old. She had a great personality, got along with everyone, including other animals. She became deaf around age 5, due to a mishap while under vet care, and she suffered neurological damage. I used a hand sign system to communicate visually. We were in a few different homes over the years, but she always adapted. She even flew on a plane with me. She absolutely loved reiki and she became very vocal in her older years when she developed dementia. It was not an easy time with her,  but she taught me to go with the flow in life and to adapt. I was with her at the end also. A special cat with special needs, but always a part of my heart. 

​Chimi belonged to my friend Sid. I had the opportunity to read for her dogs a couple times. Sid was always very active in their care and paid close attention to the information I got. Chimi was a sweet spirit and told me how much she loved going to the beach. She just loved her toes in the sand! She loved sniffing the air and being in the "now". Very zen-like dog. She held on til the end because of her love for her family. I am honored to have shared her time. 

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