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How Are Pets Affected By Covid-19?

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

You are probably getting weary of the Covid virus in our daily reality. Some have had it, some have known people who have had it, some have lost loved ones to it. Have you ever wondered how your animals feel about it, or the residual effects? Many of you have been homebound for months now, kids not in school, family routines disrupted, and so much more. For people, there is now a condition known as Quarantine Depression. Stress, anger, frustration, sadness, helplessness or hopelessness...all part of the symptoms.

So how does all of that translate to your dog, cat, or other animal companion you have? Some people have abandoned their pets in the last few months, because they were scared, or could not afford their care now, etc. Not only has the pandemic turned your life upside down, but it has done so to our faithful companions as well. There have been so many changes in these days of Covid, and the upheavals at home do affect your pets. Closure of dog parks, different rules at vet visits, people always at home when they used to go to work, changes in daily routines all contribute to the health and well-being of your pets. Animals have coping mechanisms just like you do. What do they feel now?

Many animals have started acting strangely with this "normal" of the world nowadays. Dogs may have started acting out, fighting, barking more, chewing things more, etc. Many trainers have had to stop at home visits with dogs due to health regulations with the pandemic, and that may cause some of them to revert to old behaviors. A daily routine for your pet is extremely important. Keep in mind that a lot of issues, even fighting behaviors, are often stemmed in emotions. That's where I come in and can talk to your pet to try and find the source to their upset. An animal communication session or an energy balancing session may help a lot.

There are some things to consider. Pet owners should keep an eye on how their own emotional state affects their pets. If you have an animal who acted worried when you had a meltdown, try to find another place in the house to do that, so they don't have to witness it.

Find ways to give your pet their "alone time", or give them some distance when they growl or hiss rather than yell or punish them. The goal is to keep them calm too. And during pre-pandemic days, they likely were alone at home for a certain amount of time.

There are many things to think about these days! Just think about your pets too. After all, they are family. Contact me if you need some assistance!

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