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Gratitude For Animals

It's been months since my last entry here, and I apologize for that. Going through some changes, and have been busy studying as well as offering services for a couple horse rescues, which I am always happy to do. I also have back surgery coming up the first week of January, which may affect my in person visits to people and places for a little while, but distant work will still be available.

The topic for this blog is Gratitude. Thanksgiving week is traditionally the time we give thanks in our lives while serving up some delicious meals. The holidays are a time of counting blessings, sharing with others, gifting our loved ones, and giving more of our time to others.

Take a moment to appreciate the animal friends in your life too, whether they’re laying across your chest or lap, staring at you from across the room, or watching you from their natural habitat.

Thank them for being in your life. Look deeply into their eyes and thank them for being who they are. Your heart feels so full and open at the same time. Animals can teach us so many wonderful things, including kindness, wisdom, honesty...

Thank your pet for making you laugh..yes, thank them for that! They love to see you laughing, and many animals are born clowns or comedians. How many photos have you seen or even taken of dogs smiling? They do want to make us laugh! How many dogs out have worn clothes out of the kindness in their heart for you? I'm not talking about a necessary winter coat or rain coat, but rather outfits. I met a woman this year who swore her little dog demanded to wear a dress every day and picked out the one she wanted to wear. How many pics of dogs wearing hats or bow ties or bandanas, dresses, etc, have you seen on social media? They do that for us, more than for themselves. They want to please you. love their kitty toes - yes, I know you play with your cat's feet just like I do, LOL. Of course those toes are attached to those claws, which can show love or anger, depending on the cat's mood. The next time your kitty is on your lap purring away, pet them and thank them for being so loving and relaxing. Think about how comforting that purr can be for you.

Horses...does your horse hug you? There's nothing like a heartfelt horsey hug when they press their head against your back while you have your arms around them. Thank them for carrying you safely if you ride them...thank them for walking beside you...thank them for showing you strength and a sense of freedom. Thank them for teaching you patience.

As you can see, animals deserve our gratitude, whatever species are in your life. Maybe it's not something you thought about that much before, but during this crazy and unusual time, many of us are thinking about what we are thankful for and counting our blessings as we get closer to the end of the year. Don't forget your pets...or the animals you watch in nature. What ways do you thank them daily?

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