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Goodbye 2020

Well, we have almost made it to the end of the strangest year that I can recall. So difficult and heartbreaking for so many. So many lives lost. So many beloved businesses closing. The list just goes on and on how the year has affected us. As an empath, it's so hard to watch the news these days and see some of the images we are shown. Covid-19 has shaken up the entire world.

It's not all negative, however. This year most of us began to realize what is truly important to us. Kindness has made a much needed comeback. Helping our fellow human beings. Not taking for granted our family and friends, or having a job when so many lost theirs. I think this year has also seen the most animal adoptions in many years, even clearing out an entire shelter's dogs in at least one instance in the U.S. People need to feel love more, since we can't feel it as much in person by touching someone like we used to. So many things we took for granted most of our lives are now very precious.

What have you learned or brought out the other side of this year? While my business was very slow this year, I am grateful for so much. I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time taking classes to further my animal communication skills, and to learn more business tools. I came to know a couple wonderful teachers and attend online zoom events presented by some of the best at their craft.

I was able to visit a couple amazing horse rescues in my area, and do some communication and energy work, donating my time. It was a pleasure meeting new people and animals, some of whom have become very special to me. I deepened my relationship with my own cat, Andie, through healing sessions. Hopefully I was able to help people and their animals as much as they helped me.

Two words kept coming up in my lessons learned this year....JOY and POWER. Finding joy in the smallest things has been a goal this year, and reclaiming and becoming comfortable with my own personal power has taken a front seat. I learned a lot from birds this year, their songs, their messages, and their beauty - birds totally understand the concept of Joy! Coming into and accepting my own power has always been diffcult for me, because I felt I needed to be of service more, be humble and grateful, etc. Well, of course those things are very important too, but power can also mean just becoming comfortable in our own skin with who we truly are and who we are meant to be, from the inside out. Another lesson for sure.

2021 promises what? Nothing really. It is what we make it I suppose. In numerology, 2021 is a 5 year, a sense of freedom even. Unfortunately, Covid will still be a part of our reality. Many people do feel hopeful for a new beginning, however, and a new sense of community, a new peace...let's hope that rings true as we watch the ball drop in Times Square, fireworks around the world...let's have some hope...some joy...and yes, gratitude. We made it to a new year.

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